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Automatic input symptoms may get sick and solutions, Version 4.0 Pocket spring vertical medical doctors want to do intelligent search Nike Air Presto Mens engine
When we find some discomfort when the body, such as toothache, stomach pains, the first reaction may not go directly to the hospital to ask the doctor, but to Baidu, Google search engines such help, Nike Air Max 90 HYP PRM see if you can find the relevant pages from The possibility of attending the sick. But the search engine gives links and knowledge of the disease may be more relevant, but can not give possibility to check from illness, medication solutions. Now spring Pocket Doctor’s new version 4.0 will want to use two years to accumulate more than one million pieces Answers do it. The new rain, the first screen that is input box symptoms, where to enter your current discomfort after they get sick may be suffering from the disease and the probability that other users have asked related issues, as well as a doctor to write the relevant knowledge column. For example, I type ‘cough has been good’, click the ‘question’ the result is that I may be suffering from a disease – have pharyngitis, allergies, colds, etc., click on one condition, you can see the condition of intellectual explanation, Nearby experts may regimen. If looked at the information I still can not determine their own suffering from the disease, can ‘submit a question to the doctor,’ the doctor answered. To do automatically given conditions and solutions based on symptoms, use of rain accumulated in the past two years, Q data, they have more than a hundred million pieces Answers split into drugs, symptoms and other key words are placed in order to achieve structural , and ultimately form a vertical health search engine. The question Jordan B’Mo now on the newly created every day rain will also continue to be added to the engine’s database, real-time updates of data, so that the benefits can be queried to seasonal epidemics, such as cough at some time last year because of a cold, but this year probably because Jordan RCVR of bird flu. The vertical search engine that compared to Baidu, Google’s advantage, the sick might all 2015 Latest Nike Shoes be given by a doctor by profession, a little something to the advertising and marketing of ingredients. However, the current search results, in the face of complex natural semantic issues, the search engine will not automatically give the sick may, users can go to find answers through the relevant questions and answers. The 4.0 version of the update rain in addition to the introduction of structured data outside the search engine, which is still more news subscribe to part of the ‘Health Programme’. According to spring introduced, this part of the video content will be added in the future, so that some expressed the desire and hope that more people know their young doctor to record video health solutions, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, parenting programs to give users a day, short video, allowing users to follow the program every day doctors performed Nike Air Max 2013 KPU Air Jordan 14 a video given year, to form healthy habits. Pocket spring Doctors currently about 14 million users, doctors 8000. Plan the next major version of the update began to explore profit models, such as family doctors, unlimited questions and other member services. Pocket spring Doctors 4.0 Download: iOS | Android Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton

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