gives the user a number of surprises

With ‘night market and stall’ wrap up, the introduction of social interaction individual distribution platform, ‘night market children’
‘the introduction of social interaction individual distribution platform,’ Night Bazaar child recently added a ‘crowd’ channel, further enhancing the platform of social property. First you have to learn from the night market children we are all too familiar in the ‘stall’ Speaking. Child night market introduction of the concept, ‘stall’ on the platform ‘stall’ selling goods, goods from Taobao, pat, where customers, Amazon, Jingdong and other mainstream business platform, customers browse on all kinds of merchandise booth after enter the corresponding behavior of the electricity supplier to complete the purchase, 2015 Latest Nike Shoes customers get preferential rebate stall a commission – is not that common, but again it’s shopping guide website? In essence, it is true, but the night market children have their own play. As an ‘introduction of social interaction,’ the individual distribution platform, night children first used bustling ‘stall’ concept, the site UI, copy or even functional design also has a stall, night market flavors, such as their ‘bargain’ function ‘square’ and commodity single page. In this layer under the cloak of packaging, it has been standardized to some rigid buying and selling behavior and more down to earth, more dynamic up. Another important manifestation In addition, ‘the introduction of social interaction’ in the new ‘crowd’ channel, the user can solve the sticky problem (Q + Forum model) through social interactive Q \u0026 Information, Testimonials adopted will have the opportunity to obtain sales divided. In essence, each module night market children can design and existing electricity supplier up correspondence (not repeat them Air Jordan 7 here, and interested friends can look at their own research). Stalls equivalent electronic business platform in one shop / commodity classification, but the co-founder of Air Jordan 20 the night market children more hope Hu River guidance stall stalls themselves as a collection based on personal tastes and interests of local, For example, ‘Taner grocery bye’ is a collection of TA taste of life Haberdashery, ‘chocolate dream factory’ is collecting a lot of high-end chocolate, stall and then ‘spread through Air Jordan 6 Rings personal influence, forming a circle of friends marketing. ‘ It is noteworthy that Hu mentioned the banks’ spread by personal influence ‘mainly refers to the night market stall child will try and inspire his own booth URL link manually in your friend circle and social networking divide in propaganda, such an approach unlike commodity single pages put a ‘one-click sharing to social networking’ button so blunt and easy introduction boring. This keeps the night market children and fun atmosphere of this platform major role. On this point, we can, ‘said difference mushroom Street night market and beautiful children’ from Hu to understand where the banks feel: beautiful and mushroom Street said targeting a shopping guide line, so the user’s behavior mainly commodity-based browser, And our position is individual distributors in the model, we pay more attention to the personal reputation of the social distribution, each forming a separate vertical showcase of children at the night market stalls will be more of a show personal taste and interest collected and spread through personal influence, forming a circle of friends of marketing and, ultimately, income, so that one of the advertising nature weakened form a natural exchange. On the other hand the user at the night market children will Nike Air Max 95 360 experience the feeling of the operation, from the cargo to the promotion will be the active behavior of users, that is Nike Air Max 2013 USATF what we want to see results. We are not saying that our model is better, we take the product differentiation. Compared to other shopping guide platform, night children seem to deliberately make money and taste to strike a balance between sharing. In my opinion, more children are now in the night market emphasizing personal collection of merchandise for their taste, and thus earn money just passing things – and if the platform ‘money’ flavor too heavy, more stalls main stalls will add to the main higher commission commodity, so that, the night market differentiation and competitive children will gradually disappear. Finally, mention the night market child a distinctive feature: bargain. Night market is not shopping malls, bargain deal is finally face to face before, worse bargain will be part of the fun as the night Nike Air Max 95 360 market. The current ‘night market children’ and ‘bargain’ is a veritable ‘blind cut’: customer clicks Leaflet right of the ‘bargain’ button, only ‘resigned’ to get a ‘victories’ bargain promotions vouchers can be redeemed to consume in the station, similar to the rebate, as shown below. Hu explained River ‘bargain’ function: The original idea was to allow users to online child can experience the night market bargain bring benefits and a sense of accomplishment, many women bargain in offline shopping is often an essential links, we hope children at the night market can also be good to create the atmosphere and gives the user a number of surprises, where we put the business income resulting in children’s night market feedback to the user, allowing users to save as much as possible to write postage, to Users will have a certain appeal. Back to the beginning of the night market children’s judgment, it is a after the ‘night market stall child and’ The people have personal experience of a total experience package, more emphasis on user their own tastes and interests collect the merchandise, then word of mouth spread their circle of friends stalls, and finally the way to earn money, personal distribution platform. Kernel is not fresh, packaged kind enough to resonate, if children in the night market operations can continue to ensure that their differentiation characteristics (interest) is not the ‘money’ in the direction of deviation, believe that we can accumulate a sufficient amount of users and popular. After then, the night market children again in his capacity as the platform to explore profit model, is a lot of room for imagination. Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton

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