IFLYTEK long occupied fortress status

After one hundred million yuan A round, ‘cloud-known voice’ not the entrance, to concentrate on selling water: push wide open the voice add semantic platform, promising the next three years in the field of voice-depth vertical
domestic voice market, before IFLYTEK long occupied fortress status, after BAT eyeing the Big Three, and ‘cloud-known sound’ as established only 500 days of the start-up team, but in just three months to get Qiming The million A round, and snatched the search dogs from iFlyTek hands win, including search dogs, music as TV, millet, easecredit, hammer technology, Lenovo, Tsinghua Tongfang and other thousands of partners. With what skill? After one hundred million yuan A round, how will it against IFLYTEK and BAT Big Three? To this end, 36 krypton interviewed cloud-known founder Liang Jiaen sound. One hundred million yuan A wheel actually quite easy to get to know the sound from the cloud in April this year A wheel came into contact with the end of June to close. For a short period of three months to get one hundred million yuan A round, Liang Jiaen considered reasonable. In fact, from the establishment in Air Jordan 18 May 2012 and successfully get ten million yuan angel, cloud-known voice in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinvestment has been a weighty. Plus after the iFLYTEK hands successful search dog away customers, the industry won a reputation the old law of cooperation, cloud-known sound was already in financing part of the initiative, and the country’s top agencies have contacted several investment. The reason why the final choice of the blind, Liang Jiaen said they did not entirely the reason the money, but looking for a truly ‘understand me,’ the agency, to avoid trouble later. A wheel for how to spend one hundred million yuan issue, Liangjia En said that the current team has branch offices in the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen, a total of about 100 people, but the team will not rush blindly Nike Air Max 2015 expand, mainly platform update will first upgrade, after service After expanding the scale of the need to adjust the overall architecture platform. Meanwhile Partners team will explore in depth and vertical areas, hopes voice services allow users to interact with them Gengshuang vertical areas. In addition, R \u0026 D, equipment is indispensable. And IFLYTEK, BAT ratio, our advantage is to concentrate on ‘selling water’ mention voice, they inevitably will immediately carry it out IFLYTEK and compared. In this regard, Liang Jiaen view is iFLYTEK strategy is both wanted and doing platform entrance. On the one hand, pushing its iFly iFly language point, consonance, wanted to voice entry-level service; on the other hand, iFlyTek own cloud platform. Said to be both when the players, but also in the referee. This may bring adverse effects is that iFlyTek open cloud platform will not Air Jordan 11 complete, have reservations, but when the third-party voice products and iFlyTek product of conflict, it is fully Nike Air Max 95 360 capable of hearing fly ‘without water nor food.’ In fact, Liang Jiaen said, Sogou then why not choose iFlyTek, not only because the processing speed faster than the cloud-known sound, deeper reason may be that this scruples. Of course, there are also sound like cloud-known language control wizard, micro voice input plugin, cloud-known voice assistant sound applications, but Leung said, this is for the promotion of cloud-known sound Demo platform. Just the other day, Baidu just on the line of its voice open platform, another pass another two giant BAT Tencent, Alibaba also has a similar voice platform layout. In response, Leung said the pressure is indeed a reason A round of financing so high, while also taking into Nike Air Max 95 360 account the pressure from BAT. However, the beam gives a judge. In his view, BAT voice platform to do the maximum power or to trapping its users, through a better experience increase user stickiness. But the speech itself is just a tool, just and various vertical depth of services combined in order to play its effect. He expects, BAT in this regard may not be done too. Of course, on the other Air Jordan 11 hand, BAT added also explain the voice market is ushering in the next spring (if on a spring is the birth of Siri it). Concentrate on selling water, I wanted to be able more vertical depth of services combined with the current one thousand Partners Cloud notification sound, only ten home its customized service, which is ten subscribers, most of the remainder are in the free trial test cloud-known sound only. Liangjia En said that many of the remaining number of corporate clients from the vertical areas, such as food and beverage, finance, call center. Future, cloud-known sound will gradually develop from these users paying customers, providing them with customized voice services. In Liang’s view, if the voice-depth tools and third-party services fit the voice market will be from the current types of voice assistant gradually into every corner of the Internet for the public to bring more convenience. Thus, cloud-known acoustic positioning itself as a B2B2C company. Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: 2015 Latest Nike Shoes articles from 36 Krypton

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