Mozilla released Firefox OS Simulator 4.0

Mozilla released Firefox OS Simulator 4.0, the new remote CSS style changes, touch events and other functions
Mozilla today released the schedule Firefox OS Simulator 4.0, to want to make money on the Firefox platform developers have updated some content. You can now download Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Firefox OS Simulator 4.0 at the Mozilla Add-Ons page. But first you have to install before using Firefox, because the simulator is a plug-in to run in Firefox browser. After installation, you can find it at the bottom of the browser’s tool (Tools) → Developer menu Nike Air Max 2015 (Web Developer menu). First, the new simulator supports receipts paid app function, each app will have a drop-down menu on the right side, developers can choose the type Jordan B’Mo of receipt required. Secondly, and perhaps the biggest news is that Gaia (Firefox Nike Air Max 2013 USATF OS’s UI) add a touch event. Now use the mouse to interact with touch events in the simulator. In addition, Firefox OS Simulator 4.0 also adds Nike Nike Air Max Unisex Air Max 95 360 support for CSS remote control, if you use the Nightly or Aurora connected app, you can use one of the Style Editor tool to change your app stylesheet real time, after changing the style will be instantly updated ( results as shown below). If you Nike Air Max 2013 KPU are interested in the development of Firefox OS system, you can click here to view the documentation. Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 2015 Latest Nike Shoes Krypton

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