Read hunting version 3.0 on the line

Read hunting version 3.0 on the line, personalized feedback through second grade recommendation engine instantly realized
hunting team came from the Amazon recommendation engine, since the inception of been our concern, the most recent action is more frequent. After just launched App workshop (a help site quickly App of the platform, somewhat similar to Simple Network App workshop) shortly followed 2015 Latest Nike Shoes by another on-line a new version of fruitless searching read. In addition to the entire interaction design to reinvent the wheel, but also introduce the second level there are personalized recommendation, comment optimization, new features, navigation drawer, hot news. In general, the personalized recommendation of operation than larger, so in real-time and can not have both the precision (for example Zite recommended update requires 1-2 hours). The new version of hunting reading recommendation engine feedback cycle is the second level, users Air Jordan 18 can quickly tune up their own reading room. Each time a user click ‘guess you like’ system will immediately give feedback based on user interest data, but Nike Air Presto Womens there is no significant loss of accuracy in the recommendation. And because an article in the comments than the station Weibo and other social environments rich, the new reading will not seek to micro-blog reviews articles crawled comments area, and the Air Jordan 11 same content but different source article comments will be merged presented . Based on certain algorithms (such as large V reviews, high forwarding comments given higher weight), high-quality reviews can get closer to the top of the sort, for filtering content of the comments. In addition, in order to allow users to focus more on reading space, the new version will not seek to navigate into a drawer design (old navigation for the Tab type Home in the middle of the article flow, community functions and reading functions are located Air Jordan 11 in the upper and lower ends of the page). Friend dynamic, reminders and other community functions are moved to the Air Jordan 7 right side of the drawer, but guess Air Jordan 13 you like, read later, subscribe to channels and other reading function into the left side of the drawer, the user through gestures slid open a different page. In the channel section, added a hot news subscription, the channel content analysis by the algorithm results in the entire network. Currently, hunting read version 3.0 has the App Store, Android version also will soon launch, interested readers can experience. Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton

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