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Job vertical integration means getting stronger: Hardware test the water community and non-network hardware and software jobs in service ‘and non-recruitment’
affected by the IT industry, ‘soft wide hard lean’ situation, recruitment recruiting software engineers than hardware engineers hard on many. Last month, the domestic hardware community and non-network precipitation for many years, finally began to test the water in the field of vertical recruiting launch 2015 Latest Nike Shoes and non-recruitment, want to help the middle and lower areas of hardware manufacturers to quickly recruit the right talent. Take advantage of Air Jordan 18 the non-network technology community and forum, and non-recruitment of engineers in the community through activities and resumes analysis, to provide accurate label positioning (for example, every engineer: JAVA master, Air Jordan 7 FPGA, PCB, TI chip, 5 In hardware development experience, etc.). Thus, if the corporate recruiters are familiar with FPGA engineers, and non-recruitment screening will be able to use the label out of the right people pushed to the enterprise. And non-hiring manager Dong-Dong Li said that the founder of the Soviet public and non-network rain has taught at the Electronic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University for six years, was founded in October 2006 Nike Air Presto Womens with non-network (hardware media and community), love the web (owners do hardware reviews ), CNDZZ (providing chip-level circuit diagrams, technical documentation, etc.), Datasheet5 Jordan B’Mo (providing hardware-related manual download). Four website has now accumulated Nike Air Max 2013 USATF 1.5 million hardware and software engineers (software refers to the underlying software development and hardware-related), there are more than 300,000 active users log in every day more than 50,000 engineers. Opened four sites of engineering resources for understanding and non-recruitment of engineers director for business to do precisely recruitment push very useful. Of course, the non-recruitment currently on-line soon, tagging, precise push is now complete with artificial way. However, we expect the middle of next year, four systems will be fully open, will be able Nike Lunar Mens to fully realize intelligent and accurate labeling push. Over the past year, Zhaopin, 51job and other sites represented Comprehensive recruitment services market has become increasingly saturated, recruiting more strong vertical trend. Such as the non-traditional community has a lot of recruitment into the vertical, such as in cultural and creative industries, the US Space Network, a black light network have launched their recruitment services. In addition, the business also launched a coffee 3W Internet recruitment platform pull hook net. In addition, ‘from scratch’ to do what vertical recruited to work there (dedicated to the Chinese IT talent to Silicon Valley), interpolation network (Innovation Works has been 2.5 million angel investment). Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton

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