Short chain also have emotions?

Short chain also have emotions? Short chain service providers Bitly launched Bookmarklet service, users can express the content of personal feelings in a short chain
Today, short-chain service providers Bitly released a beta version of Bookmarklet service, not only to support the personalized short-chain function, but also allows users to express personal feelings of the content Air Jordan 8 in the link. For example, if a user likes the content, he can click on the appropriate emoticons generate short chain with emotional colors. If the user clicks the expression of love, there will be short chain of characters, but if just hate content, and Nike Air Max 2015 accordingly, it will generate a short-chain containing However, although Bitly the Bookmarklet let this happen to generate short chain become we had some fun, but you might only occasionally in forward content to tweet on the use of it, Air Jordan 11 certainly do not want trouble so often. Readers may not know Bitly look at our previous report: Bitly day thumbnail 80 million links, it has accumulated a steady stream of detailed data on the Internet every day to produce various types of links. Analyze the contents of these links, Bitly can control hotspots and their development trends on the Internet Air Jordan Air Jordan 7 11 to a considerable extent. Bitly each link in the abbreviated process will establish the corresponding index. Recorded by the index-related information, the user can top what is being ‘viral’ spread of the Internet have a full understanding. Nike Air Max 2013 KPU Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 2015 Latest Nike Shoes 36 Krypton

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