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Mobile Developer: Apple, Google, said good summer too!
because Apple and Google’s sake, hard to force programmers summer will continue to work to full capacity and can not enjoy a moment of beach time. Mobile developers breath before it as soon as possible. Because Apple and Google’s Developer Nike Air Presto Mens Conference, App developers will have a lot of new tools to learn and use. If you are to develop iOS and Android applications for a living, so now you have to know what you can for the foreseeable future to do the. In the WWDC conference, Apple introduced its new operating system, updating the Xcode development environment and a lot of new OS features – such as a new API. At the same time, Google I / O conference provides a large number of new API Android system, the new development environment Android Studio, as well as a lot of new ways to make money on Google Play. Several months later season start (also App downloads quarter) in the fall before the mobile device, the mobile developers obviously had a lot to digest. Let’s eight hundred eighteen! Google: Simple Feature is the developers love Android system is already quite mature, at least from the point of view is this Feature. Now it is more stable, bug less, more full of. This will give Google a little more time to develop is expected to launch later this year of the next version of the operating system. So, Google did not choose to teach developers to develop a new version of Android system, but to focus on providing more development tools. Here are some highlights: Android Studio: an integrated development system new Android applications (referred to as IDE). All statements in I / O conference in a keynote speech, Android Studio win the biggest praise, because it fills a huge void for developers. Since 2003, Apple for the Mac and iOS application developers to launch Xcode IDE, many mobile developers will work on it. The launch of the Android Studio characteristics have test code availability and version compatibility ‘lint’ tool for Android custom code refactoring, and facilitate the development of direct drag and test different layout editor size of the screen. Air Jordan 7 Android Studio is still in Alpha stage. Google warned developers must clear before downloading This is a beta version, and remind them that if it is still unwilling to accept the instability of bug it is best not to use it. If you think so, then solve more vulnerabilities in Google before, consider using with ADT (Android Developer Tools) plugin of Eclipse IDE it. Google Play services: This is the most powerful Android 2015 Latest Nike Shoes updated Google recently made by the relevant services, so that the mobile developers worldwide users to optimize App and profitability. This includes procedures App translation service, Google Play developer control stage new revenue chart, stage Alpha / Beta testing, optimization tips for Google Android’s analysis and recommendation tracking. In addition, Google is also expanding its payment system in the world. For a long time, Apple give developers a variety of resources to marketing and profitability, such as a simple trading system built into the App marketing and advertising carried out by iAd. Now, Google catch up in these areas, and may even lead (for iOS developers, these are still visions phase) translation service and periodic testing. Geographic Information API: Google released in I / O conference on a new geographic information API, an implementation of a simple one position capable of trapping or App geographic boundaries ‘map fence’ function, battery and accuracy-related optimization, as well as prediction of user behavior. Apple also released the WWDC conference with GIS-related messages, but keep Google many years of experience on the maps match, then there is still a long way to go. Apple’s Jordan B’Mo new Map Kit provides the geographical content (based on user location, select the appropriate function), and better position determining support, route navigation support, as well as some other geographic related information. Apple’s ambition if Google Android ecosystem for the scalpel-like look, then Apple can say this is a blueprint on a larger scale. The Apple’s performance in the past with its script similar WWDC: New API richer new version of iOS, the new version of Xcode development environment, and some interesting ‘cleverness.’ However, this year, Apple also brought us some surprises, such as a new design of iOS 7. Design innovation: iOS 7 and the feel of previous versions have a huge difference. Now, iOS design everything small, flat, translucent and soft colors. In order to meet these new design features a series of recommendations and tools to guide the mobile developers to update their iOS App to version 7. Apple offers two specialized resources for iOS App designer 7 environment: -iOS UI Transition Guide covers the transition to iOS App base 7 of backward compatibility with iOS 6, and some typical cases. -i iOS Human Guidelines is an upgraded version of the interactive guide, according to Apple’s iOS tradition each new release will be shipped soon. It is required for developers to develop iOS 7 everything, iiOS App Anatomy, UI elements, graphics and charts to help, and so on. Google was trying to catch up with Apple in the design, for the production of a complete document design tips and best Android case. Google uses the Holo theme suite to standardize Android App on the core design principles. Dynamic Design: iOS 7, designers and developers can implement a dynamic design, such as how to identify the user’s mobile phone, or the like so that the mobile App and external features to make phone and tablet UI performance reflected. The terms of the dynamic design of iOS 7 is brand new. Android also has corresponding features (such as gravity has a UI object properties) and some other design-related dynamic ‘gadgets.’ Game: Apple always gives iPhone and Nike Lunar Mens iPad games a special concern, iOS Air Jordan 12 7 is the same. The new API system on iOS 7 is the most important part of this updated version. The first is Sprite Kit brings hardware-based ’2D and 2.5D’ image rendering, which can produce some fantastic iOS 7 game. Meanwhile, Apple’s new gaming control framework allows developers to control the physical properties can be added to the iOS game. Apple Game Center also made some improvements and fine-tuning, such as anti-cheating. Google’s third-party App and accessories partners have effectively having regard to the Android game controller. Hey, like Ouya is a complete Android-based consoles. Google Android in performance similar to Game Center made improvements, adding new ranking function. However, unless you do some searching in libraries and resources in the development of Android, Google itself does not like Apple’s main push to develop games. Xcode 5: Xcode 5 With the new test function by ‘bots’ participate in the analysis of continuous integration, testing archived items, new debugging capabilities and automatic layout editor to facilitate App designers to upgrade their products Air Jordan 14 to iOS 7 version. Xcode is mature and stable, especially for relatively Android Studio. When showing some patience when Android developers need to settle the issue of new IDE in Google, iOS 7 developers only need to take with Xcode 5 on the list. Developers, I wish you good luck! Do you have extra time, right? We were, immediately have the next generation Android system can expect a series of new looks and performance to learn. Anyway, I wish you luck! Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton

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