technology allows building walls into E Ink display

E Ink Release Prism technology allows building walls into E Ink display
E Ink now want to put it on the e-ink technology to the walls of buildings. E Ink 2015 Latest Nike Shoes E Ink Prism Air Jordan 4 announced today at CES 2015 technology conference, namely to make programmable E Ink has become the wall building materials. Air Jordan 20 Obviously, E Ink Prism technology comes more ambitious than the recently released YotaPhone2, because E Ink Prism Nike Air Presto Womens technology is aimed at architects and designers. E Ink hopes products based on this technology Nike Air Max 2013 Air Jordan 12 USATF can replace traditional paint make the building walls become a big-screen high-end display screen, you can change the color or display by programming interactive scenes huge variable, and no power, Nike Lunar Mens so that the huge power display wall into history. E Ink in CES 2015 Conference demonstrated the E Ink Prism technology earlier Aversion, even though the display is quite simple, but E Ink says it can be used for more ambitious projects, such as the artist’s large-scale murals, and so on.

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