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Ming officially announced independence from the Plum network, complete co whale capital from nearly 20 million A round of financing, will 2015 Latest Nike Shoes be released for large enterprises independent App ‘organizational structure’
Ming today officially announced independence from the Plum network, set up an independent operating companies 000 enterprises Ming Shanghai Software Co., Ltd., and completed by the closing whale capital investment A round of financing. According to the information we know, this round of financing in the amount of about 20 million, strictly speaking belong to Pre-A round, may soon Air Jordan 18 complete a full A round. The combined capital investment institutions whales by several private entrepreneurs, they also before investing Ming user enterprises. Ming was born five years ago, a Nike Air Max 97 pilot project plum network, completed the first edition in 2011, has since positioned itself as a thought-based social software company SaaS collaboration software, and formally launched Jordan Dominate Pro in January 2012, up to now Plum network has invested 10 million yuan to Ming. For the independence from Plum network, Ming on its official blog he said that the main current trends allow an independent business imperative. At the same time they believe that not only should service management enterprise software command and control, and should support open internal communication and employee spontaneous collaboration. Ming CEO 任向辉 told us that after independence, Ming this week will be a significant product updates, including the central task, the task decomposition and replication task to reconstruct this one; at the same time will release a special App for large companies team ‘ organizational structure ‘, this application will quickly help companies set up their own organization, and this product will open API allows third-party products access. In addition, Ming will invest more resources in an open platform, including the already established an independent team to be responsible; business users in sales, Ren Xianghui said there responsible for paying users to convert sales consultant team has reached 14 Nike Air Max 95 360 people, the future will continue expand the business. As we; Nike Lunar Mens talk about ’2013 Q2 China Internet Venture Financing \u0026 amp analysis report’ in, 2B products in the market this year and a lot of attention and capital has become one of leading entrepreneurial boom in the second quarter of six segments. 36 Krypton Search enterprise collaboration a few key words, we can find this Air Jordan 21 year a large number of 2B products, and many institutional investors have also received support, but then began to diversify products, development of differentiation. The Ming independent development, should also conforms to the development trend of this wave. After the previous years of market cultivation, 2B products in the spring really come? Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton

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